Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Frogging right along

O.K., y'all have all leap-frogged over me! I had to frog back about 8 rows last night and now cannot tell where I am or whether or not I have picked up all the stitches that are supposed to be there. If my counting is correct, there are 125 stitches. Any clue where I am?

I've learned my lesson to not multi-task while I am knitting with tencel. wah...



Blogger Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

Margaret, when I forget to click count my rows or mark them on my sheet and then have to figure out where I am, I count the number of yarn overs eyelets on the ends of the rows and that allows me to figure out where I am.

9:39 AM  
Blogger fiberfanatic said...

Margaret, as we talked on the phone, you just finished row 9 of the pattern. I don't want people to think you were left hanging by the rest of us! grin

7:42 PM  
Blogger Cary said...

Hey, Margaret, I'm not frogging just now, but will come sit on a lily pad with you ;) Oh, and good tip Eve! Hugs, Cary

6:51 AM  
Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Hey y'all. I appreciate the suggesions. As Mary knows, something very weird happened so that counting yarnovers didn't work at all. I am now in the process of tinking out my last lifeline. Then I will be on a pattern row and hopefully, can tell a little better what is going on or will have to frog. aaargghh.. Surely is good to know that I have a pad mate, Cary. lol


7:46 AM  
Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Mystery solved! I've tinked back to row 5 and am missing a yarn over that I will put in tonight. It's nice to be back on track! I switched back over to wooden needles but do think I like the Denise better. Main problem I'm having with the Denise needles is that the cable is navy and Blue Bayou has some cobalt blue in it. I think I will also use rug warp for future life lines as the tencel is burying up with the dental floss.


11:22 AM  

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