Thursday, May 11, 2006

Needle points

I am amazed, although I spoke about it in a post before, about the difference the needle points make in knitting this. I thought that my points were sharp enough on the needles I was using, but when I started over, I decided to use a nylon needle. The disadvantage is that it isn't as long as I usually like. But the points are sharper than the Susan Bates that I was using. Wow! Now, to be fair, yesterday was a slow day around here, but I managed to start over completely and knit Chart B twice! Before I considered one repeat of Chart B to be an excellent day!

Now THAT is all the needles. Not anything to do with me, but all because the needles made the stitches flow that much better.

So, if you are having troubles, consider looking at another needle. It may be worth the investment! You know, the Boye needles have an excellent point on them, and are really reasonable. You are going to have to get used to the metal ... the needles are going to be slicker than snot so be prepared for that. Sounds as if people like the Takumi needles. Inox needles have good points but again may be slippery. Any other suggestions?



Blogger Kate said...

"Slicker than snot". I like that (laughing). I'm using a Boye needle as well. Do you have any experience with the Needlemaster? I bought a set of Denise needles and don't like them, so am hesitant to take the plunge on the Needlemaster, although I do like Boye needles.

11:45 AM  
Blogger fiberfanatic said...

I loved my Needlemaster when I had one. I lost it in a move. That was a move when a number of boxes just didn't make it off the moving van, and that was one of them. sigh It was very versatile.

Personally, I'd sign up for Hobby Lobby's online newsletter, and then watch for their sale on knitting needles. You'll be able to buy it for 40-50% off! grin Of course, my favorite use for it is knitting in the round. I use a smaller size on the left hand needle, and the correct size on the right. The stitches feed so much easier that way, but the gauge remains the same. Speeds up my knitting! (she says virtuously. LOL)

Make sure you tighten the join, and you are fine. That is a matter of getting used to the set. If you like Boye needles, you will love the set.

This is, of course, my opinion, and you may take it for what it is worth.


4:03 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

Well, Michael's sells it (there are no Hobby Lobbies up here in Canada), and every week there is a 40% off of one regularly priced item. So when I take the plunge, I'll use the coupon. The set is $99.99 here (Canadian).

Thanks for the advice. I like the needles on the Denise set, but the cords are too big, and my stitches stuck on them.


8:28 PM  

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