Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a WONDERFUL day!!!

Hi everyone,

I did exactly three rows of knitting on Mom's Mother's Day sox today. They seem destined for 2007 instead of this year. No work on my Shawl today, but.....

I did go to see the surgeon for my first post-operative followup and he said I can do anything but jump or twist and to come see him again July 11th! That means I can continue to stay home and heal, get strong by walking and seeing a physical therapist, and KNIT up a storm! Praise the Lord for such a blessing this surgery has been.

TMCCormick asked about the yarn for my shawl. I purchased it from a wonderful woman named Robin Pascal at SOAR in Park City last November. Here is her website, though I do not know what the yarn is called except that it is 2ply cashmere, 23 wpi, 400 yards per hank.
Here is her website:

Thank you giving me support to attempt lace. I DID get to buy a 29 inch circular needle today.

Lark, who is so grateful for everything


Blogger fiberfanatic said...

What good news Lark! Cheers!


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