Monday, May 15, 2006

Please Help me! I'm Going to start My Shawl Now!

Hello Ladies,

Well, I'm finally starting my shawl. I've had my yarn for a while, however some personal matters kept me from starting my project.

My yarn is the 8/2 Tencel by Heritage Yarns in Blue Bayou. It is a beautiful color and I think will make delicious shawl.

OK! Here is my problem or should I say challenge - I am a total newbie to lace and chart pattern knitting. I was going over the chart before I started to make sure I had answers to atleast most of my questions before I cast on. Here are just a few, I know I will have several more before my shawl is completed:

1. Right-slanting decrease - I understand the knit 3 together through back loops - where I get a little confused is the slip next stitch over stitch just made by temporarily moving stitches (stitches?) to the other needle?

2. I'm OK on the chart until I get to - I will have completed row 6 and ready for row 7, however row 7 has 2 additional stitches. Do I cast on additional stitches or do the additional YO's add them?

3. Also while ready some of your posts I read something about ending with 50 on Chart A and Chart B has 37 to start or vise-versa. How is this resolved?

This is all I have right now. I can't wait to get started. I have a beautiful ball of Blue Bayou just setting there calling my name - saying "Patty I know you can do this".

My disappointment in this is that I don't have a digital camera yet. I'm going to talk to my DH this week and implore to him the need that I have to have one not only for KAL's but for my blog. It's just necessary - darn it! I know I can talk him into it. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, average priced digital camera?

Thank you for all of your help.

It's a great day for a KAL!



Blogger fiberfanatic said...

I'll try to help here.

1. Pretend you are moving the stitch back to the left needle as if to knit it again. Slip the next stitch in line over the top of it. This decreases another stitch. Move the knitted stitch back to the right needle.

2. When you get to this point, you don't increase stitches, but if you look at the chart, you don't do the decrease you normally do. This is where those stitches come from. So, if you knit the row as the chart shows, it comes out all right.

3. I've posted a thorough post on this one already. Check it out and if you don't understand, ask and I'll try to help. It was just last week. You will do two repeats of the pattern.

Yes, you can do this Patty, and we are here to help and cheer you on!


10:53 AM  
Blogger Cary said...

Hi Patty, I think the pictures of the Blue Bayou on Margaret's website look really pretty, so I'll bet it IS calling your name ;) I agree with Mary, everyone will be here to help and encourage you for your first lace project!

Hugs, Cary at Serenity Farms

6:29 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

Hi Mary. Thank you for the help. I spent yesterday casting on and frogging. ugh! I think though it was just to my own trying too hard thing. In the end I guess it has helped instead of hendered because I'm learning the chart.

I'm encouraged to have a better day today.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

Hi Cary,

Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement. To know such great ladies are here for my support and help means so much.
Thank you so much for that.
I will keep working at this until I get it right.
Have a grest day Cary,

10:08 AM  

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