Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wedding Shawl & future shawl.

The bridal shower was this past weekend and my daughter loved the shawl. I had my camera with me and would you believe I forgot to take a photo of her modeling it?

It's been a tearful past few days, we lost another one of our dogs, details and photos on my Garden Of Eve blog. I'm planning on blending Dafni's hair with that of her grandmother Lila, the dog we lost 2 months ago and plan to make a shawl and a scarf with chiengora yarn. I'm considering this pattern for the shawl, but will also be looking for pawprint type lace patterns. A project for after the wedding. Any suggestions would be appreciate...

But what I meant to share in the way of tearful event, was that while looking for elegant wrapping paper to wrap the shawl in, I spotted a kids wrapping paper in a strawberry shortcake motif. When Tina was about 3 years old, she had a doll that would blow strawberry scented kisses when you squeezed her tummy and she loved that doll. I bet it's stored in the attic with all her other stuff. Anyway, the sight of that paper brought me to tears... I was a mess! sheesh!

When Tina saw the gift wrapped in that silly paper, she smiled and thought there was something silly inside as well. After the initial surprise she asked when I'd had time to work on it without her seeing it, and then realized why it was I was always telling her to go home.

I'd tucked in a note saying that each stitch represented prayers and hugs. Everyone liked it very much, but afraid to touch it or take it out of the box. On my photo list for the photographer is one of Tina wearing the shawl. Even if it's a hot day, she can wear it for a few minutes.


Blogger Sue J. said...

First of all, my sincerest sympathies on the loss of your beloved pet. I know how much it hurts to lose a member of your family, be it two or four-legged.
Second, I loved the story of your daughter receiving her shawl. What a beautiful and touching moment it must have been. Maybe you will be able to post a picture of your daughter wearing it on her wedding day.
Sue J.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Lark said...


When my daughter was born, my mother gave me a quilt for her that Mom had quilted by hand "with love in every stitch." I know how your daughter feels to receive this and I can tell you it is priceless!


12:12 AM  

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