Thursday, May 18, 2006

Out of the Frog Pond

O.K., I am out of the frog pond and back up to where I was at row 13, 3rd repeat of Chart B. I will draw a circle, make a slash through it and put the froggie under there. lol

I'm back to using the Denise needles although am having to be careful knitting with Blue Bayou (tencel) and a blue cable. I tried the wooden again and wasn't happy with the cable and had become accustomed to working with a smoother needle with more "slide." I switched over to rug warp for life lines and think I'm going to like it better with the tencel. The tencel tended to "bury up" in the dental floss making frogging "interesting."



Blogger Cary said...

Hurray, Margaret, you stay out of that pond now, okay? ;D


7:27 PM  

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