Monday, May 01, 2006


Welcome, everyone! I have had several false starts and thought I would complete Chart B last night but one stitch dropped and slid all the way back to the lifeline at the end of Chart A. So... I will be lacing in a lifeline prior to every pattern row from now on. Knitting with the tencel is nice but I won't take any chances in the future. (-:

We have an unofficial knitalong member of whom Cary refers. She is knitting along with us as some of us knit along and pray along. Cary, I love your choice of yarn.

Eve, love your Bed & Breakfast Shawl and can't wait to see what the color does as it progresses up the shawl.

Don't forget to post pictures of your progress so that we can celebrate together.

Now, I really must get to the dye room and am really wanting to sit and knit. Ah, tonight...



Blogger Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

Margaret... you were close... its Breakfast In Bed... *G* I'm also looking forward to how those colors play out as the shawl gets wider. We may have to wait a while, I won't be working on that shawl much, except to take it with me when I'm knitting away from home, don't dare take the wedding shawl for fear that I'll get distracted and make a mistake..

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