Monday, May 01, 2006

Start Your Needles!

It is May 1,



Blogger Lark said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I am currently recuperating from a Posterior Lateral Interbody Fusion back surgery on April 12 of this year. So I have lots of time to knit as my bones knit together. It really is such a wonderful metaphor for the entire process. It's a wonderful time of year to have had this surgery, as there is no ice or snow to impede my walking, and everything is bright and colorful.

Last fall my father-in-law passed away after a long illness, so I was in New England again, where I was raised. I took a few days off to see the fall colors, and drove over to Putney Vermont to Green Mountain Spinnery. It was wonderful to see the old woolen spinning machinery still at work. Talk about factory-direct shopping! I purchased several patterns and some scrumptious wools.

On the way back to Boston for the flight home, I stopped at Harrisville Designs, in Harrisville, New Hampshire. Another lovely old woolen mill/fiberfanatic's nirvana. There, I purchased a wooden hand spindle and some romney sheep roving. The woman who spun the yarn my friend gave me for Christmas lives in the next town, and she is going to come show me how to spin.

I have to stand a certain number of hours per day to encourage bone growth, so I am looking forward to spinning up a storm!

Have a blessed day! Lark

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