Friday, April 28, 2006

Knitting Tips...

I thought I would share a couple of things I learned from previous lace knitting. While I like working with center pull balls for most knitting, when using a very fine, slippery or grabby yarn, I will wind my yarn into a ball or start from the outside of a center pull ball. The first time I had fine yarn tangle, I gave it a tug and it snapped, resulting in a bit of a mess. Another time, once the ball of yarn started to collapse, what was left was a tangled mess, resulting in stress, hours of untangling and lots of bad thoughts. Since then working from a ball or outside end of a ball wound on a winder, seems to work best for me.

Writing things down... Below is swatch done months ago, testing the pattern in a wool cafe au lait color. I didn't write what needle size I used and so I can't just pick it up and continue without swatching. Since then my daughter's wedding gown has arrived and while the yarn color looks great on her, it doesn't really look good with her ivory dress. I've decided that since I have over 4000 yards of that yarn, I'm going to use it for square shawl/throw. Even though I'll be making a different project, I like the lace with whatever size needle I used. Just a little note would have have helped.


Blogger fiberfanatic said...

Thanks for sharing that hard-won knowledge! I don't think it counts as a tip when it cost so dearly to learn! I agree, the yarn loved the pattern! sigh

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