Monday, April 24, 2006

Another 'hi', welcome and thank you

So good to see friends here knitting along. In case everyone doesn't know, Cary and others here have farms. Cary's wool from her sheep stays sold out. Cary, I'm afraid yarn choice would be no contest for me. (-:

Nice to see a note from Amanda! And, thanks, Sue for your nice comments.

I'm becoming even more familiar with the pattern than I already was. I dropped a stitch last night after completing Chart B and with tencel, it slid fairly quick. (-: So, I started over and knitted Chart A and noticed the stitches were kind of loopy and was fighting the cable of which I had just straightened the night before. Just after finishing Chart A, I caught a glimpse of the correct (smaller) needle. lol My start date may truly be May 1!


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