Monday, April 24, 2006

Intro & Yarn Selection...

Hello! My name is Amanda. I just joined the KAL today. I live in Central NY, just north of Syracuse and have 3 children under 7. You can visit my blog here.

I had purchased a skein of undyed Knit Picks Merino laceweight yarn with plans to dye it then sell it, but when this KAL came along, I figured it would work. Since the skein is only 880 yards, I'll just be knitting a smaller shawl. My idea for dyeing the yarn is inspired by what works with my skin tone and the colors of new plant growth in the spring. 2 or 3 shades of pink, light lime green and white, with the possibility of a little yellow...still considering that color. I'll post a photo of the yarn when it's done drying.

Also...I've never knit from a chart, so I'll be needing a little help along the way.

And...with this yarn, what needle size would be best??



Blogger fiberfanatic said...


The pattern calls for a size 5 needle, start knitting with it and see what it looks like. Chart A is going to give you a good swatch. If it doesn't look like what you want (scroll down and see what Margaret did with hers, she pinned it out on the needle), frog it and try again.


11:54 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Amanda, I am using a dyed Knit Picks yarn as well and using the size 5 needle. I knit a little loose usually, but I'm going with what I have. Mary gave good advice, I would see what you like, because we all have different preferences as far as how open the lace is.

9:12 AM  

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