Sunday, April 30, 2006

Progress so far...

I started my shawl the night before last. Didn't like how it looked and switched to a smaller size needle. Then I made the mistake of knitting while my grandson was here. I ended up frogging the little bit I'd done. After more than 30 years of knitting, you would think I'd know better than to read a chart while being distracted.

I started again yesterday afternoon after switching to a smaller size needle. I took the photo after I started the second repeat of chart B, haven't had a chance to work on it today. The photos shows that I've left my lifelines in. But, if you look closely you will see what looks like a bead laying on my knitting. As someone warned, you need to be careful not to catch your stitch markers when putting in the lifeline. I realized I did it on the next row, took the marker off the needle and left it hanging. The lifelines have come in handy already. I noticed that I had too many stitches at one point and was able to pull out my needle and undo my knitting easily. I hope to get more done tonight.


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