Saturday, May 06, 2006

Trying out the scanner...

Had to try the scanner out this morning to see if it would work for this non-techie! Well, it works! You can't tell much about the pattern at this point as I could not stretch it out. As you can see, I am tinking one row.

I am knitting Chart B and am on about the 8th row. Maybe I will get through tinking and can put back in what I "lost." Would love it, Cary, if the extra needles work for a lifeline with tencel. Will let you know. Also see what Mary means about having a point of reference. I can't tell that I've made any progress without it.

Knowing no more than I do about using the scanner, I am also puzzled by the "outlined blocks" around my knitting. Interesting. Can't wait to block it to see what I actually have.

Margaret - knitting along with Blue Bayou 8/2 tencel


Blogger Margie said...

Margaret, I love that colorway!!!!! Those are my colors. I think the scanner blocks might have to do with how much light from outside the scanner is showing...kinda like making copies on a copier from a thick enough book to not allow the lid to close properly....just a thought!


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