Friday, May 05, 2006

Elegantly Simple Triangular Shawl Knitalong

Needle Brands?

What brand of needle are you using for this project? I was using ordinary steel needles , don't know what kind. Then I bought a Takumi bamboo circ. Unfortunately, the store only had 60cm length in the size I needed, and I'm finding it hard to work with. The points are great though. I really balk at the price of Stahl Natura needles, although they are lovely to work with (they have the same type of cord as addi turbos, only they are made of bamboo.)



Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Kate, I ordered 2 size 4 (U.S.) needles from jklneedles yesterday. Mary told me they are similar to the Nobel exotic wood circulars. But, I may be in the market for some of the Stahl as I've not heard when the needles from jkl will ship. Maybe I should go into needle manufacturing. lol

9:46 AM  
Blogger Lark said...


Where do you find the Stahl needles? I work almost exclusively on wood or bamboo needles. Everything else seems too cold and clinical to me.



12:50 AM  

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