Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wedding Shawl earns some ribbons...

Along with several other things, I entered the wedding shawl in the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festivalskein and garment competition. All but one of my items did well, earned a ribbon. But, what I was pretty pleased with, particularly cause my daughter went to the festival with me this year, was how well the shawl did. Here is a photo I took at the festival. Unfortunately it wasn't spread out to show it off properly, but safety was an issue and so it was carefully draped around the form.

And a photo of it taken shortly after I'd finished it.

Thanks to Jackie for a beautiful pattern that worked so wonderfully with the yarn I chose for my daughter's shawl.



Blogger fiberfanatic said...

Good for you Eve! CONGRATULATIONS!


7:12 PM  

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