Friday, April 21, 2006

Needle Thoughts

I started off with a size 6 needle on the Cloud 9, as the pattern calls for a size 5. I will be frogging and starting with a size 8. There just isn't enough stitch definition for me to be happy. Bottom line is to do a few repeats, pin it out and see what you think. Sometimes you don't have to pin it out. Just look.

On needles... it is such a personal preference. When I'm doing lace, I avoid Addis. They don't have a sharp enough point. I like Inox Express. Susan Bates have a good point. If you are knitting with a slippery yarn, a bamboo or wooden needle is great. An ebony or rosewood needle is a joy and an investment. The points on the one needle I had were sharp, and made the lace a joy to work with.

Another thought, how much does your yarn contrast with the needles? I once tried to knit something that was the same color as the needles...a disaster in extremely fine yarn when you are doing some of the decreases such as knit 3 together through the back loop then pass a stitch over! Where is that stitch! Something you may or may not want or need to think about.

Boye needles have amazingly good points. We don't tend to think of them.

Try a set of circulars. Do they have a smooth join? Can you easily do the stitches called for in the pattern? Then you have a winner? It doesn't matter what someone else is using. You are the one that makes the decision here.

As for me, it looks as if I'm using Susan Bates, because that's what is available! Smooth joins, sharp tip...I'm happy!


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