Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finally Made It In

After 4 tries, I finally gave up and changed name and tried a password that I use occasionally and got in. I am glad to join this group for the KnitALong. I am on my 3rd shawl and this one is knit from the center and is square. It has a few errors in it, but it has been a learning experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Another gal from my city will be joining, Ann, and she too, is excited to be part of this.
I will be finishing the square shawl by the end of this month and plan on using beads in my shawl for this one. Have been playing around today trying to figure where and how many I want to place in the pattern.


Blogger Danielsdaughter said...

Hi everyone. I am new to blogs, somewhat new to lace knitting. I have completed a shawl and practiced a few stitches. I would rather do lace than most anything else when it comes to knitting. I enjoy triangle weaving also. Have a number of blankets in the planning. I am a spinner and hope to use my own yarn. Have not had time to hit the stash yet to see what I have that would be appropriate and too many projects going to be able to spin some up for this shawl. I am really looking forward to this.

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