Monday, June 19, 2006

Elegantly Simple Triangular Shawl Knitalong

Hello Everyone!
Wow, the wedding shawl is too beautiful for words! Sue, I hear you about ripping back. I think I have knit this shawl three times? I am at about 60 inches I think, but it is all scrunched up on the needles, so that is an estimate based on the number of stitches I have....and I will have to promise again to post a picture!! Maybe I will do a close up too...I hope to finish it soon, but those rows keep getting longer and longer...

Hope everyone is enjoying the project! I have found it challenging and hopefully I will have the shawl for many years to come. Does anyone have any idea what a shawl like this will be worth? I have many many hours into it and many to go to reach the 72" benchmark.

Bye for now,
Lisa in Sunny Pulaski, WI


Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Lisa, you are making great progress! Looking forward to seeing pictures.

As far as what a shawl like this is worth... mine is priceless!


8:38 PM  
Blogger Lisa from Pulaski, WI said...

Hi Margaret!
I still would like to know what a handknit 72" baby alpaca shawl would be worth. I thought it was an appropriate question--and I really want to know anyway. I will never probably make one to sell. I do wonder if I am wasting my time on this project sometimes...and that is not a rewarding feeling. I have just completed 26 "ribs". I figure I will have to have 30 to finish 72". I may want to make it a little bigger even, not sure yet, and can't hold it up to evaluate the size while on needles.

Hopefully, it will be nearly as beautiful as all the posted pictures...I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful yarns chosen/created/used.

Picture will come soon! Promise!

12:10 PM  

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