Monday, May 22, 2006

Well I have made it out of the frog pond and was able to finish the second repeat of chart B...I have to put in a lifeline tonite and then I am off for the third round of chart B...I really like this pattern though I feel that the yarn I chose is a bit busy for it, I can tell that it will be fine...been thinking about the cruise I am taking in September and thinking that this will be going along with me. Will post a pic later this week.


Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Looking forward to your picture, Margie. I think you will be surprised when you get it block and past the small triangle part of the shawl as to how unbusy it becomes as the color will start to spread out. I am into the 4th repeat of Chart B and hope to have a semi-blocked picture up by Friday. Looking forward to seeing yours.


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