Friday, May 12, 2006

Elegantly Simple Triangular Shawl Knitalong

Good Day, Everyone!

Well, I finally started the shawl this morning. I am a sock knitter and was afraid of all that looseness!! Well, I am on the third row of the first go-round of Chart B and it is all going well. It even looks pretty good to my untrained eye. I do have a question--what do I do when I need to start a new ball of yarn. On socks I leave the end and weave it in at the end. I am not sure that to do with the shawl. A little help please. I am so exicted. This is really nice yarn--Baby Cashmere from Elann. I bought it originally for a shawl, but not this one. I also tried to start with my new Denise needle set. Boy, those needles aren't sharp enough for 3/!!! I am on a straight pair of Susan Bates for the time being. I will be looking for my long Addi circulars!!

Have a great day!!

Lera in rainy and cold Michigan


Blogger Margaret Pittman/Heritage Yarns said...

Lera, I leave a small tail to weave in later and pick up another ball using a small tail and weave in both later. Ideally, I like to do it at the end of a row. And, when it's one of my handpainted (I usually knit with my own), I pick up at where the last color left off, i.e., same direction as my yarns are directional colorways.

If your needles aren't sharp enough, try Jackie's weigh-down method of pulling down below on the 3 stitches before inserting your needle. That has helped me immensely with speed and tension. I am knitting with Denise needles as I have not been notified that the Susannes have shipped.


1:44 PM  
Blogger Jackie E-S said...

Hi Lera,

To deal with ends when finishing one ball of yarn and starting another, I like to plan
ahead by ending and starting in a somewhat solid section of the
pattern that also has a decrease stitch or line of decrease
stitches nearby if possible. When weaving in later, hide your
ends within the decrease area as invisibily as possible. The
additional layer of the woven-in end is far less noticeable in
an area that already has some thickness, than in a skimpy or
open area.

When weaving in ends, I usually semi-follow the stitches already
in place by about 3 inches (or enough to span about an inch worth of stitches - up to 2 inches worth
if really slippery yarn). I sort of run the tail in and out of the stitches that I am diving in and out of.

Does this help?

Jackie E-S

9:35 PM  

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